The Birth of Céphée: A Sharing of Ideas

The creation of Céphée stems from the eternal question underlying "haute joaillerie" timepieces: are they at their core a watch or jewellery? With Céphée, the answer is both. Designers, artisans and craftsmen from both watch making and fine jewelry work together from the inception of each timepiece. Their collaboration pushes the limits of each art. By melding cutting edge techniques with ancient skills, the collections of Céphée are utterly unique. Céphée's fusion of haute horlogerie and haute joaillerie creates a new vision of eternal beauty.

Céphée is globally recognized by bespoke collectors for its use of traditional and princess-cut diamond baguettes, including black diamonds and precious gemstones for custom dials. Céphée exquisitely blends the art and balance of jewelery and Genève crafted horlogerie creating Haute Joaillerie timepieces with hand selected, precision cut and set diamonds with fine jeweled automatic winding Swiss movements. Custom fine jeweled Swiss Date, Chronograph or Tourbillion movements are also available.

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