The Tonneau

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The Céphée Tonneau showcases sleek 40mm by 52mm horn to horn styling. The expertly invisible pressure set diamond baguettes on the dial create a depth and pop-art effect making this a stunning collectors piece. As part of the Céphée Diamond Collection the Tonneau illuminates with a brilliant diamond face, lunette and horns. The sides can also be finished in baguette diamonds or polished gold.

The Céphée Tonneau is transformed with the selection of a colored gemstone dial and finished on a custom leather or 18kt. gold bracelet with a diamond or polished gold clasp.

Céphée's master craftsman hand-make our timepieces in our own Genève, Switzerland factory. The Céphée Tonneau's Automatic Winding complication is a fine Swiss 25 Jewel Movement that is showcased through the windowed back.
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