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In Greek mythology, Ether was the fifth element, filling the void in the universe, and giving the sky its shine. The Céphée "Ether" personifies the magic of this notion of emptiness in a defined space. A balance of transparencies and emptiness, a double arch in 18kt. white gold forms the case, between which the movement takes its place as an invisible body. The internal sapphire glass case lets it appear suspended in space, a fragment of light.

Time and space are controlled with the exquisite sapphire hands exhibiting extraordinary uniqueness, delicacy and complication. For the wearer, Ether is an extension of her impact on the world. This is a haute joaillerie timepiece for a woman who already turns heads, who knows that she is the rarest jewel no matter how many other gems surround her. Ether's beauty does not hide the many complications lying just beneath the surface. And while it looks transparent, it never reveals all of its secrets.
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